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Flat Rate MLS® Listing & REALTOR® Services

$1497.97 + GST upon listing
$2500.00 + GSTupon successful sale of your home

 Total $3997.97 + GST

I Will

✓ Provide you with Competitive Market Evaluation

✓ Provide you with a current Land Title Pull of the property you want to sell 

✓ Have an industry professional that will provide you with Professional Photos and IGuide (required measurements) contact you directly to make an appointment to come to your home 

✓ Provide a Professional for Sale Sign
✓ Create your MLS® listing and place on
✓ Set you up on automated emails of the solds, pendings or newly listed properties in your area

✓ Provide you access to lock box rentals

✓ Refer you to a professional property stager - if requested

✓ Refer you to a professional mortgage broker - if requested

✓Refer to a professional flat fee Real Estate lawyer

✓ Complete any requested updates to the listing or open houses as instructed

✓ Report your successful sale on the MLS listing


I Will

✓ - Represent you during negotiations of any offers

✓ - Give you any advice or opinions on your sale or on any offers

✓ - Hold any deposit money in our trust accounts

✓ - Convey any paperwork to the real estate lawyers
Coordinate showings with buyer’s agents 

Coordinate showings with unrepresented buyers 

✓ Manage all phone/email inquiries 

 Receive, Review and Negotiate any offers to purchase that are received 

 Coordinate Property Inspections

 Handle all amendent requests

 Handle condition removals 

✓ Manage any terms and conditions until your home is sold 

Report your offer and sale details  

Manage any last minute changes/requests 

✓ Manage the possession day

U Will

▢ Prepare your home for sale 

▢ Coordinate photo and IGuide appointments with professional

▢ Coordinate and host open houses 

▢ Pay the first $1497.97 plus GST


Offering a cooperating buyer's agent commission is common practice in real estate transactions because it incentivizes buyer's agents to show and promote your property to their clients. By offering a commission, you're essentially compensating the buyer's agent for their services in bringing a buyer to your property and facilitating the transaction.

The recommended commission structure is typically 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance, a standard practice in many real estate markets. Including these commissions in your asking price allows you to negotiate the overall purchase price without adding an extra layer of negotiation regarding the buyer's agent commission.

By including the cooperating buyer's agent commission in your asking price, you streamline the process, potentially attract more buyer's agents to show your property, and ensure that buyers understand they won't have to pay their agent separately. This approach can indeed save time, money, and reduce stress for all parties involved, ultimately allowing the focus to be on showcasing your home effectively.

** All Prices are subject to GST **


106 - 206 Pembina Road 

Sherwood Park, Alberta

T8H 0L8


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